Muhammad Atif


Here to help Pakistanis to own first home and Generational Family Land & Home Owners in the Islamabad capital territory and Gawader – the new map in the world changing location to acquire commercial, Valley and beach front locations and secure the best contract of sale on their properties so that they can move on to the next chapter of their future with confidence.

Atif is the leading corporate sales for the and is acting as a mentor to the founder of

Atif has over all experience of Sales and telecom (16+ years) and he acted as a mentor and a true leader for his clients and team members. He worked as National Director Corporate sales for the leading telecoms and is known as a Motivating leader. Reaching sale targets and milestones achievement is something he has made into an art form. He developed ongoing strategies and business models to target new businesses and develop new sales strategies and relationships to promote growth and accountability among the sales team and in cultivating the team ideas.

He helps people find Gawader Valley Land & Homes so that they can raise a family, grow a business and have the lifestyle of their dreams focusing on affordability in the value chain.


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