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JV between Sur-e-buraq KSA and Pakistan to deliver affordable housing in Q1 , 2017

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A breakthrough partnership is formed by entering into MOU between and sur-e-buraq contracting KSA to develop the affordable insulated homes in the Islamabad property market. A formal JV between and Sura-e-Buraq- KSA will be formed in January 2017 and start the operations in Pakistani market. These homes will be developed jointly by both the companies. Mr Mansoor will supervise the projects personally to realize the dream of affordable housing in Pakistan. He is keen to invest in the Gawader – the deep sea port of world with best location globally and also introduce the hidden diamond to the Saudi investors through the partnership with, these projects will enable internationalization yet catering local communities. Hiwinn Accountants Australia ( is a strategic financial partner of the JV to enable the companies’ client to achieve the optimum performance for their investment.

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