Tech Division

HIHOMES.PK is leader in product Design-Build-Market and it will use industry exposure and experience keeping its focus on technology driven innovation diffusion in the launch of the new products. will support the launch virtually and through its international offices.

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) will provide technical support to hihomes technology division from the huge resources of CIIT through Cubator 1ne facilitation center, especially focusing on providing IT, ICT and Security Products and Services for a better connected, easily accessed, safe & secure environment through technological innovation, product integration and implementation.

Hihomes Tech Division provides Consulting services and IT solutions to their clients in the following categories.

  • Management consulting
    • Organisational Change
    • Leadership
    • Operation management
    • Project Management consulting
    • Data Sciences
    • Education Management
    • Information Security Management
  • Technology Consulting
    • Business Intelligence
    • Data warehousing
    • Mobility solutions
    • Service Oriented Architecture – Oracle Fusion Middleware based.
    • Application Management, Infrastructure Management
    • Database Operations Management – Oracle, SQL Server.
    • ERP
    • CCM
    • EIM
  • Applications
  • Integration Services
  • Training and Coaching
  • Call Center Operations

Management consulting

Hihomes Tech Division is a service and consulting team players committed to the information technology and communications industry and providing a wide array of services. Hihomes Tech Division combines the expertise of a large corporation with the agility of a specialized group of senior professionals. We work with diverse stakeholders from IT, business and vendor communities to deliver IT solutions on-time and on-budget.

Project management covers all project aspects, from both a Structural viewpoint (requirement definition, functional design, testing phase) and operational (risk and budget control, reporting to sponsor).

Within the scope of functional business analysis, the technical and business expertise of our consultants brings our Client real added values and a positive impact on projects.

Hihomes Tech Division is using a dedicated implementation methodology which significantly reduces the implementation time and associated costs.

Technology Consulting Services

The Consulting Services practice assists companies enhance their IT alignment with their business and increase their IT value. Services fall into two categories:

IT Strategy defines risk-balanced plans for evolving their application portfolios and underlying infrastructures. Services include:

  • Application and Technology
  • Architectures
  • Data Architecture & Management
  • Application Portfolio Assessments
  • Process and Data Modeling
  • Business Workflow Mapping & Design

IT Governance provides guidance in defining and implementing the IT organizational structures which align IT with business strategies, create processes that add business value, manage IT risk, and measure and audit results. Services include:

  • IT Organization Restructuring
  • Project Management Office Setup
  • Project Reviews and Audits
  • Project Risk Reporting
  • IT Process Reviews
  • Risk Management
  • Change Management
  • Information Security Management

The management of information security in organisations Which includes secure knowledge management, security culture, security strategy and decision making, security risk identification and assessment, the impact of generational differences on information security, security policy, security governance, forensic readiness, and incident response.


  • Software Development
  • iPhone/Android apps Development
  • Web based Applications
  • Data Warehousing
  • Business intelligence

The Consulting Services practice assists companies to enhance their IT alignment to their business and increase IT value. Whereas real Applications development is the art evolved in hihomes Tech Division through combination talent and technique.

Our ability to offer the right business-driven frameworks and methodologies with a flexible approach of a senior team ensures that we deliver the best results possible. This unique advantage allows our clients to receive a superior level of customization for their IT business needs. We have been helping organizations to maximize their investment in IT for better business results.

Integration Services

The Integration Services practice partners with its clients to deliver business and technology projects. We leverage our knowledge of the ICT and our Consulting Services capabilities to ensure that value is delivered to the business. Results are measured through reduction of cost, growth in market share, regulatory compliance and operational efficiency. Our team can lead end-to-end projects or implement specific activity sets to help clients reach their specific goals. Services include:

  • Program & Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Solution Architecture
  • Quality Assurance

Training and Coaching

  • Freelancing Landscape
  • Data Sciences
  • CCM
  • QA and Project Management
  • Communication Skills

Call Center Operations

As a leading outbound and inbound call center, we are able to provide services to a wide range of organisations and clients.

Contact Centers are the voice of the enterprise to its customers and the channel through which the customers speak their wants and needs to the corporation. Being this focal point of communication makes every Contact Center of strategic importance to the organization it belongs to. The challenge is not just in responding to the customer and taking the appropriate action promptly and efficiently, it is also in enhancing the brand and building customer loyalty and it is becoming more and more in capturing and analyzing the data in every interaction.

Contact Centers have complex infrastructures in which numerous systems and human resources affect almost every activity and transaction. Contact Centers strive to optimize the performance of their people, process and technology in order to deliver an exceptional and differentiated customer experience.

HTD and Aeronox solutions  has heavily invested in each of the three elements of this trilogy “People”, “Process” and “Technology”. Because we understand the importance of each element and because we have the experience to put them to work in harmony, we are able to offer our clients a full spectrum of multilingual Contact Center solutions and services, targeted to meet the needs of global organizations.

HTD and Aeronox solutions have installed the latest state-of-the art technology platform.

Inbound Contact center Services

  • Answering services/General information lines
  • Customer service
  • Ad response
  • Order taking
  • Technical/Helpdesk support

Outbound call center Services

  • Product/service promotion
  • Lead generation
  • Database profiling
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Collection follow-up

Web Support Services

  • E-mail support services
  • Chat support services

HTD and Aeronox Solutions team is committed to delivering the best quality services and highest level of support to its in-shore and offshore clients while offering them increased flexibility and functionality in tailoring the services that meet their every business requirement.

HTD and Aeronox Solutions Teams offer to its clients as follows

  • Accelerated time to market
  • Increased business and service flexibility
  • Access to the latest technology
  • Access to professional services and business expertise
  • Focus on continuous improvement


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